Fourth Annual LIVE Trick-or-Treat Tour Registration is OPEN!!

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Halloween is just around the corner and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a good, old-fashioned Trick-or-Treat! Join [ free bird ] for our FOURTH Annual Live Trick-or-Treat! This grid-wide event is a chance to greet Trick-or-Treaters at your home just as you would in Real Life! Decorate your house, stock up that candy bowl, and get ready for one of our favorite days of the year!

For more information and to sign up, CLICK HERE!


My Pet Bunny System

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Introducing the brand new pet at [ free bird ] – My Pet Bunny! Featuring the classic [ free bird ] pet system, with 14 adorable bunnies to choose from!

Each hutch holds up to 2 bunnies, to ensure they always have a friend to keep them company, plus you may replace individual bunnies as you like!


Brand New Growing Garden Cactus Pot!


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New for your Growing Garden! This Cactus Pot is a perfect addition to any porch or window sill, and the perfect interactive plant for those with a little less than a green thumb because Cactus Plants only need to be watered once every 2 weeks!

Available now in the [ free bird ] Main Store!

BRAND NEW! Growing Garden Pumpkins!

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Introducing the BRAND NEW Growing Garden Pumpkin Plant!! No garden is complete this Fall without your very own set of pumpkins! Plant multiples for a full Pumpkin Patch!! These interactive plants go through 12 stages! Get yours NOW at [ free bird ]!

The BRAND NEW Fall Luminary Gacha!

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Introducing the BRAND NEW Fall Luminary Gacha! Decorate for the season with these autumn themed luminaries, perfect for any home or garden!! 5 to win, only 50L a play! Now at the Main Store!

The Essential Diffuser Gacha!

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Introducing the BRAND NEW [ free bird ] Essential Diffuser Gacha! Essential Oils purify the mind, body and soul! Bring healthy living into your second life with this new set! 5 to win, only 50L a play!

The My Pet Finch Aviary!!!!

[ free bird ] My Pet Finch Ad.pngIntroducing the [ free bird ] My Pet Finch Aviary — the newest edition of the [ free bird ] My Pet Collection. *NEW FEATURES* Each aviary holds up to 12 finches AND finches can be individually replaced for the most customization possible! NOW AVAILABLE at the [ free bird ] pet store — directly across from the main store!! Get yours today!