The Industrial Side Table now as January Subscribe-o Gift!

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Happy January from [ free bird ]! Get your Industrial Side Table absolutely free by joining the [ free bird ] subscribe-o!

The Borough – a [ free bird ] Community Sim is NOW open for rentals!

The Borough - A [ free bird ] Community Sim Coming Soon.jpg

Welcome to The Borough, a [ free bird ] Community Sim! Whether you are looking for a new home for the new year, or wishing to join the [ free bird ] Family, the Borough has something for you! We aren’t simply a residential sim. Residents will be granted access to ALL the community benefits and gifts that come with renting a home!

Houses and detailed landscaping are provided with each rental, leaving your prims free for all of your decorating needs! Whether you are looking for a cozy lake-front cabin, or a cottage in the city, The Borough has a perfect home just waiting for you!

Come stroll the tree-lined streets, take a rest in the public park, or window-shop downtown! We hope you will make The Borough your Second Life home (or your home away from home) today! There are only 27 homes available, on a first-come, first-serve basis! Don’t miss out on joining the [ free bird ] Borough Community — with all the Perks, Prizes and Special Events available ONLY to community residents!

Borough Community Residents will receive:

Their very own home within The Borough Sim! Each house is parceled off individually — allowing you complete control of your music and media streams! Yards are fenced in, providing a private residential experience within an active community!

Entrance into ALL of The Borough’s monthly decorating and interactive contests including the First Annual Snowman Building Contest starting this January! Contest prizes include Special Limited Edition [ free bird ] items, FREE rent, One-of-a Kind Treats and MORE!

A special edition prize from EVERY NEW [ free bird ] Free-for-All available ONLY to Borough Residents!

Borough Community hunts, giveaways and gifts throughout the year available ONLY to Borough Residents!

Participation in The Borough Community Yard Sale held on the last Sunday of every month!

Use of the Borough Park and Pavilions for your personal gatherings, celebrations and get-togethers! Plus free prim allotments for your scheduled events!

In addition to these residential perks, you will also be at the center of all [ free bird ] activities hosted on this sim, including the 2017 Live Trick-or-Treat and The Tour of Lights!

Sim landscaping will change with the seasons and Downtown decorations will be ever evolving for all future holidays and events! You won’t want to miss a minute of what the Borough has to offer! Hurry on down to check available rentals and secure yours today. Homes will go fast!

The Pet Rock Gacha now at Lost and Found!

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Get your brand new pet rocks now at Lost and Found! 5 new friends to win! Scripted for a fully interactive experience! Tend your rocks once a week or they become sick! But since they are rocks, all they need to get better is a hug! Tend them often to find out all the fun things they are into. The perfect stocking stuffer or holiday present! 75L a play!


Starry Night City Skyline Gacha & FFA

[ free bird ] Starry Night City Skyline Gacha.jpg

The Starry Night City Skyline Free-for-All is going on now! These re-imagined wintry City Skyline scenes are perfect for every wall! Or great gifts for all your friends this Holiday Season! 15 of your favorite cities to win! One per avatar every 6 hrs thru 11:59 PM SLT 12/20! Or play the gacha to collect them all! Only 50L a play! Now at [ free bird ]!

The Holiday Mantra Pin Gacha and Free-for-All!

[ free bird ] Christmas Mantra Pins FFA.png
Going on NOW! The [ free bird ] Holiday Mantra Pin Collection FFA has just begun! Stay in good spirits this holiday season with 20 brand new Holiday Mantras! One per avatar every 4 hrs thru 11:59 PM SLT 12/9! Plus win one of three special new Holiday Mantra Boards! One per avi every 24 hours! Or buy them individually! Decorate for the season now with [ free bird ]!

Now at The Chapter Four!

[ free bird ] Giant Light Up Yard Decor Gacha Ad.png[ free bird ] Giant Light Up Yard Decor Gacha.png

Brand New at The Chapter Four! The [ free bird ] Giant Light Up Yard Decor Gacha! Decorate your yard in style this holiday season with this giant Light Up Decor Pieces! (or Modify to fit inside your home!). 15 to win, including one special animated Rare! Only 50L a play! Brighten up the season with [ free bird ]!

Plus don’t forget to grab your free gift! The [ free bird ] Santa’s Magic Key!

[ free bird ] Santa's Magic Key Ad.jpg

Christmas Coffee Cup FFA & Gacha!

[ free bird ] Christmas Coffee Cup Gacha.jpg

Introducing a brand new Free-for-All! Warm up this holiday season with the [ free bird ] Christmas Coffee Cup Collection! One per avatar every 6 hrs NOW thru 11:59 PM SLT 11/30! Carry with you everywhere, or use as decor! Share them with all of your friends. 14 to win. Or play the gacha to collect them all.