[ free bird ] Daily Draw Raffle — A LIMITED EDITION PRIZE EXPERIENCE

[ free bird ] Daily Draw LE Butterfly Horseshoe DecorIntroducing a brand new [ free bird ] event — the [ free bird ] Daily Draw Raffle! Enter EVERY HOUR for a DAILY chance to win a FREE special Limited Edition Prize each day! Two Raffles to join — one for group members, the other for group members with [ free bird ] in their profile pics! Now thru 6/7 win the LE [ free bird ] Butterfly Horseshoe Decor Set! Learn more at the main store:


LE Mosaic Pink Ladybug Stepping Stone on the Brand New MM Board!

[ free bird ] MM Board - Limited Edition Mosaic Stepping Stone - Pink Ladybug

I’ve put up a Midnight Mania board at [ free bird ] — upstairs next to the Lucky Chairs! This week’s prize is a LIMITED EDITION Mosaic Stepping Stone – Pink Ladybug! It will never be released again and is available to win all week long, thru 5/29! Only the first 250 people may click for the prize every day, so don’t wait!


The Stained Glass Suncatcher Collection Free-for-All!

[ free bird ] Stained Glass Suncatcher Ad[ free bird ] Stained Glass Suncatcher Free-For-All Ad

Introducing a brand new [ free bird ] Free-for-All! The [ free bird ] Stained Glass Suncatcher Collection! These highly detailed suncatchers are the perfect decor for any window or garden this Spring! 10 to win, 2 Rares! Absolutely FREE! One per avatar every 6 hours now through 11:59 PM SLT 5/24! Or play the gacha to collect them all!


Introducing the My Pet Sparrow Bird Bath System!

[ free bird ] My Pet Sparrow Mosaic Bath Glam AdIntroducing the newest member of the [ free bird ] My Pet Collection Family! The [ free bird ] My Pet Sparrow Bird Bath System! My Pet Sparrows are a brand new, unique system all their own! Add up to 6 sparrows and watch as they hop around their bird bath just like real birds! Keep your bath clean by tending it once a week! 17 Mosaic Baths to win, 2 Rares! 10 Sparrows to win, 2 Rares! Perfect for every home and garden!


[ free bird My Pet Sparrow Bird Bath Gacha Ad

[ free bird ] My Pet Sparrow Gacha Ad

May Subscribe-o Gift!

[ free bird ] May Subscribe-O Gift - Mosaic Stepping Stone (1)Happy May! Get your [ free bird ] Garden Scene Mosaic Stepping Stone all month long as the [ free bird ] May Subscribe-o Gift! Absolutely Free at [ free bird ]!


[ free bird ] for the Red Cross!

Thank you to everyone for your amazing support for the Red Cross! Proceeds from the [ free bird ] Tibetan Prayer Flag and subsequent donations from 4/28 – 5/5 were gifted to the Red Cross on your behalf! Together, we raised 50 dollars to benefit disaster relief for the Nepal Earthquake!

[ free bird ] Prayer Flag Red Cross Donation - May 2015

[ free bird ] Mosaic Stepping Stone Free-for-All!

[ free bird ] Mosaic Stepping Stone Free-For-All Ad[ free bird ] Mosaic Stepping Stones Ad

Introducing a brand new Free-for-All Giveaway! The [ free bird ] Mosaic Stepping Stone Collection! Personalize your garden today! One per avatar every 6 hours thru 11:59 PM SLT 5/13! Absolutely FREE! 17 to win! 1 Rare! Or play the gacha to collect them all! No garden is complete without them!