[ free bird ] Tour of Lights Home Registration


The Third Annual
Holiday Tour of Lights!

Holidays aren’t just about family, friends, giving and gifts–they’re about EXTREME DECORATING!

You are invited to open your home December 16 – 19 to share your Holiday Style with the Second Life Community!

This is a guided house tour! All Homes are welcome! Tropical island dwellings, sky boxes, or medieval cottages — anything goes! We want to see how you express yourself in your holiday celebrations!

Participants DO NOT need to be present during the tour!  The tour will be OPEN HOUSE STYLE over several days.

Rules of Participation:

Registration is Free!

All Registered Participants MUST be in the [ free bird ] group from time of registration through the end of the tour.  All notices about tour information will be sent through the group.

You MUST have a direct landing point to your home.

YOUR HOME MUST BE DECORATED AND OPEN NO LATER THAN 6pm SLT on DECEMBER 14th. We will be doing a pre-tour check of all locations at this time.  If your home is not ready for the tour during our walk-thru, you will be removed from the list.

What are we looking for on our Pre-Check?

❆ To make sure that your house is Accessible, your landmark and landing point are correct, that there are no security orbs and that decor is PG-13 or below. Nudity, Sexual Themes or anything overly Graphic will NOT qualify for this event.

Skyboxes are welcome!

This is a RESIDENTIAL event — that means this is NOT an opportunity to drive traffic to your store. We ask that you have NO ITEMS marked for sale (including yard sale items) or landmarks to store locations.

This is an OPEN House — this means visitors are invited to come inside your home, so we encourage decorating throughout your house!

❆ Participants may give away any FREE gifts to visitors they wish! All gifts must be 100% free and not require group access. (Examples — Holiday Cards, Hot Chocolate, Cookies, Holiday gear, etc)  Prizes must follow Second Life TOS (no copyright violations) and must be PG-13 or friendlier in nature.

❆ We ask that you keep your decor in good taste. If we feel that a display is inappropriate for the tour, you will be removed from the list.


6 responses to “[ free bird ] Tour of Lights Home Registration

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  4. Chesso Greenwood

    Sounds good gonna try it this year 🙂 Have just done the registration again as I missed the group member bit but am now in the group 🙂

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