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My Pet Bunny System

[ free bird ] My Pet Bunny Ad Web

Introducing the brand new pet at [ free bird ] – My Pet Bunny! Featuring the classic [ free bird ] pet system, with 14 adorable bunnies to choose from!

Each hutch holds up to 2 bunnies, to ensure they always have a friend to keep them company, plus you may replace individual bunnies as you like!



Brand New Growing Garden Cactus Pot!


[ free bird ] Growing Garden Cactus Pot Ad Web

New for your Growing Garden! This Cactus Pot is a perfect addition to any porch or window sill, and the perfect interactive plant for those with a little less than a green thumb because Cactus Plants only need to be watered once every 2 weeks!

Available now in the [ free bird ] Main Store!

BRAND NEW! Growing Garden Pumpkins!

[ free bird ] Growing Garden Pumpkin Plant.png

Introducing the BRAND NEW Growing Garden Pumpkin Plant!! No garden is complete this Fall without your very own set of pumpkins! Plant multiples for a full Pumpkin Patch!! These interactive plants go through 12 stages! Get yours NOW at [ free bird ]!

The BRAND NEW Fall Luminary Gacha!

[ free bird ] Fall Luminary Gacha Key.png

Introducing the BRAND NEW Fall Luminary Gacha! Decorate for the season with these autumn themed luminaries, perfect for any home or garden!! 5 to win, only 50L a play! Now at the Main Store!

The Essential Diffuser Gacha!

[ free bird ] Essential Diffuser Gacha Key.png

Introducing the BRAND NEW [ free bird ] Essential Diffuser Gacha! Essential Oils purify the mind, body and soul! Bring healthy living into your second life with this new set! 5 to win, only 50L a play!

The My Pet Finch Aviary!!!!

[ free bird ] My Pet Finch Ad.pngIntroducing the [ free bird ] My Pet Finch Aviary — the newest edition of the [ free bird ] My Pet Collection. *NEW FEATURES* Each aviary holds up to 12 finches AND finches can be individually replaced for the most customization possible! NOW AVAILABLE at the [ free bird ] pet store — directly across from the main store!! Get yours today!

The Beaded Curtain Gacha!

[ free bird ] Beaded Curtain Gacha Key.pngIntroducing the BRAND NEW [ free bird ] Beaded Curtain Gacha! Looking for a little privacy in your home? Or some festive decor to add to any doorway? These brand new curtains are perfect for you! 5 to win, only 50L a play! Now at [ free bird ]!