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My Pet Bunny System

[ free bird ] My Pet Bunny Ad Web

Introducing the brand new pet at [ free bird ] – My Pet Bunny! Featuring the classic [ free bird ] pet system, with 14 adorable bunnies to choose from!

Each hutch holds up to 2 bunnies, to ensure they always have a friend to keep them company, plus you may replace individual bunnies as you like!



Brand New Growing Garden Cactus Pot!


[ free bird ] Growing Garden Cactus Pot Ad Web

New for your Growing Garden! This Cactus Pot is a perfect addition to any porch or window sill, and the perfect interactive plant for those with a little less than a green thumb because Cactus Plants only need to be watered once every 2 weeks!

Available now in the [ free bird ] Main Store!


[ free bird ] is proud to introduce the Books-By-You Collection and Free-For-All!

This brand-new system allows you to FULLY CUSTOMIZE your book collection!  Only 2LI per Book Collection Base – So don’t be shy, bookworms!

PLUS!! 3 VERY SPECIAL RARE Book Collections available only in the Gacha!

In addition, both Gachas HALF-OFF during the event!

Free-For-All Available NOW through 9/14!

[ free bird ] Books-By-You Collection

[ free bird ] Books-By-You Collection - Group Member Edition Gacha Key
[ free bird ] Book Collection Base Gacha Key

[ free bird ] Books-By-You How It Works Texture

The First Annual Tour of Lights!

Tour of Lights Sign

Happy Holidays!

Bundle up and grab a thermos of hot chocolate, it’s time for the SL Tour of Lights! This free tour will take you to some of Second Life’s most decorated Holiday-Themed residential homes, with over 30 beautiful houses and landscapes to explore! The tour runs December 18 – 21, and starts at the [ free bird ] main sim:

Visit the Official Tour Website!

Special Hidden Trick-or-Treat Gift @ Port Blackpool!

[ free bird ] Hidden Trick or Treat Gift Oct 31

Bubblegum Alley Round Two – Opens Nov 30th!

Bubblegum Alley Sign Round 2

The next round of Bubblegum Alley begins on Nov 30th @ 12 Noon SLT!!  Check out our Exclusive Preview page for a sneak peek!

End of November Wrap Up!

November is going fast and we have tons of updates for you!

Round 1 of Bubblegum Alley ends TOMORROW! Hurry on down to get your Thanksgiving Build-a-Friend Kitties and Decor Blocks now!

Thanksgiving Build-A-Friend Kitty Gatcha Sign

Thanksgiving Gatcha Sign Teacups

[ free bird ] Thanksgiving Decorative Blocks Gatcha Sign
Don’t forget our line of TD Thanksgiving Handprint T-Shirts! Only 25L each now through Thanksgiving!!

[ free bird ] Turkey Handprint Shirts on Sale
Our Fur Trimmed TD Boots and Earmuffs Gatchas are now available at our main store! Mix and match your favorite color combinations!

Fur Trimmed Boots Ad


Fur Trimmed Earmuffs Ad