The My Pet Finch Aviary!!!!

[ free bird ] My Pet Finch Ad.pngIntroducing the [ free bird ] My Pet Finch Aviary — the newest edition of the [ free bird ] My Pet Collection. *NEW FEATURES* Each aviary holds up to 12 finches AND finches can be individually replaced for the most customization possible! NOW AVAILABLE at the [ free bird ] pet store — directly across from the main store!! Get yours today!


The Beaded Curtain Gacha!

[ free bird ] Beaded Curtain Gacha Key.pngIntroducing the BRAND NEW [ free bird ] Beaded Curtain Gacha! Looking for a little privacy in your home? Or some festive decor to add to any doorway? These brand new curtains are perfect for you! 5 to win, only 50L a play! Now at [ free bird ]!

The [ free bird ] Furniture Line!

It’s been a busy summer, and now all the new furniture releases are available at the main store!!

[ free bird ] The Marina Bed Ad.png[ free bird ] Garden Hammock Ad.png[ free bird ] Tidal Wave Deck Chair Ad.png

The Growing Garden Watermelon Plant!

[ free bird ] Growing Garden- Watermelon Plant.jpg

Introducing the [ free bird ] Growing Garden Watermelon Plant! Get ready for summer with your very own growing watermelon! These interactive plants grow through 15 stages! The perfect addition to every garden! Now at [ free bird ]!

Retro Lunch Boxes BRAND NEW at Lost and Found!!

[ free bird ] Retro Lunchbox Gacha Key.pngBRAND NEW at Lost and Found! The Retro Lunchbox Gacha! In collaboration with ::caf::! Collect these original hand drawn designs today! Set out for decor or wear to carry your lunch everywhere you go!


Growing Garden Strawberries and Basil!!

[ free bird ] Growing Garden Strawberry Plant Ad.jpgOut NOW at Lost and Found!! These interactive plants grow through 15 stages! Pots are perfect for porches and windowsills, plants can go directly in the ground! Get yours NOW at Lost and Found!


[ free bird ] Growing Garden Basil Plant Ad.png

BRAND NEW! Get your herb garden started with the newest release of the [ free bird ] Growing Garden Collection! Basil plants come potted with 15 different grow stages! Pots are perfect for porches, windowsills or just about anywhere you need a little flavor in your life! NOW AVAILABLE at the [ free bird ] main store!

Retro Fridge FFA!


Going on NOW! The [ free bird ] Retro Fridge Free-for-All! Introducing this brand new fridge collection! 7 colors to fit every kitchen! One per avatar through 5/12! Or purchase them all! 200L a color!