This is the first break from store related postings I have ever made, however, given the incidents in America surrounding the 2016 election, I wanted to mark today with the following words.

I am going to think positively about this. Maybe positive isn’t the right word, but it’s pretty clear that Trump has no understanding of Junior High School Civics, let alone the amount of work ahead of him. The Republican Party is not fond of him. They aren’t necessarily going to bend over backwards to work with him, and he is as stubborn as anyone when it comes to doing what he wants, so he’s not going to be the puppet I think they were hoping to find in a candidate. He has no policy plans. He has no respect from or for the outside world. He has no changes to our current country he really wants to make, and I actually don’t think he is as socially conservative or hatefully motivated in practice as he was in his speeches to rally votes. That, in all that Trump does, was business. He got the job done. He got elected. But that was his goal in this really. Not, running a country.

Being a politician — being a diplomat — is the one job I don’t think Trump has any preparation for, and for a man who wants to be seen as the King of the World, he likely isn’t going to let his cabinet call any shots, either. I’m actually interested in seeing how the Republican House and Senate respond to him, because I think many of those people aim to one day make a Presidential Run and don’t want the ties to him politically that we would assume. He’s not really a Republican. He just jumped on the ticket that was the easiest to win. And said the things to appeal the most to the masses who worshiped him.

I think it’s the easy persuasion of the American people that is scarier than four years of Trump, in all of this. That so many people would vote for someone with no plan, no policy, no experience. That so many would willingly throw our country into the hands of someone who so clearly doesn’t deserve it. That we had the choice between electing our first female president an instead, opted for an unqualified, selfish reality TV star. That, is the scary part in this. That is the part that makes me hope that those who didn’t vote. That those who didn’t take the time to research these candidates beyond their media appearances. Those who thought “it doesn’t matter.” Realize that it does. Because we basically just told the entire world that we don’t care, we aren’t listening, and we really couldn’t give a shit about anything other than ourselves.

But we can be grateful that four years isn’t as long as it seems. That the reality is four years isn’t going to change our entire nation or the way things are run. Keep voting America. Keep voting in every election you can. For every city council person. For every judge. For every County Auditor. Everything. Keep voting for putting the power into the hands of the right people rather than letting it slip away into the hands of those who know nothing of the jobs they are running for except that it feeds their ego. We can still fight against this. We can still take back this path of complacency that has allowed for Trump to be elected. And ifanything, maybe this will be the wake up call that will never allow anything like this to happen again. The wake up call that makes us care. That reminds us that it is up to us to stand up for what we want, and what we need, and to vote and put ourselves out there in our communities and try to make this country a better place for everyone.



2 responses to “Today….

  1. ❤ Well said my beautiful friend.

  2. I usually don’t talk of politics at all, as it is to each there own. But, after reading what you have said, I hope you are right. Four years is not that long. Maybe Trump will learn a thing or two.

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