[ free bird ] Winter Wonderland Event!

[ free bird ] Winter Wonderland EventSanta’s Sleigh hit some turbulence and presents have scattered all over the [ free bird ] Winter Wonderland event! From Noon SLT on December 21st until 11:59PM December 24th, collect your FREE holiday gifts from [ free bird ] just by finding Santa’s lost presents! New gifts every 4 hours from 5 brand new [ free bird ] holiday and Winter themed gachas! Absolutely FREE to collect!

Prize Preview:

[ free bird ] Holiday Hot Cocoa Mugs AdOriginal Mesh! 5 to win!

[ free bird ] Holiday Mugshot Signs AdOriginal mesh! 11 to win!

[ free bird ] Holiday Windchime Collection AdOriginal mesh! 5 to win!

[ free bird ] Winter Words Wooden Decor Gacha AdOriginal mesh! 13 to win, 2 Rares!

[ free bird ] Winter Edition Canvas Gacha Ad5 to win, 1 Rare!


Happy Holidays from [ free bird ] ❤


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