Halloween at [ free bird ] for Kids!

Halloween is a great time to be a Kid! Check out all of these amazing Halloween freebies from [ free bird ], for group members ONLY! All gifts fit Toddleedoo Toddler and Kid Avatars. Only at [ free bird ] for kids on the Hullaballoo sim!

[ free bird ] Skully TD Hoodie

[ free bird ] Deady Bear Hoodie Ad

[ free bird ] Orange and Black Hoodie Advert

[ free bird ] Black and Orange TD Hoodie

And don’t forget to pick up a few of our TD items for sale — just for Halloween!

[ free bird ] Lil Monster TD Jeans 150L.

[ free bird ] Dwarves PJ Sets 150L each. Perfect for Halloween Costumes!

Visit [ free bird ] for Kids at Hullaballo!



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