[ free bird ] Goes Fantasy!

The Creators of Fantasy Medieval Fair is here and it’s time to showcase some of my favorite items from our fantasy collection!

[ free bird ] Put To The Sword Canvas AdFirst — our brand new, FREE hunt prize now at the fair! Just look for the fairy hiding in the [ free bird ] stall.

Celebrate Octoberfest in Fantasy Form with our Beer Collection! Available at the main store and the Creators of Fantasy Fair:

[ free bird ] Beer Fountain Gacha Ad 6 to win, 1 Rare! Watch as they pour your favorite drink! Perfect for any home or tavern/bar setting.

[ free bird ] Ale Barrel Gacha Ad5 to win, 1 Rare! 50L a play! Custom animations to help you drink up! You’ll be the life of the party with your very own ale barrel!

[ free bird ] Tavern Table Sign150L. Custom animations built in for the Frothy Ale Stein Gacha!

[ free bird ] Ale Stein Gacha Ad 7 Steins to win, 1 Rare! Pair with the Raw Wood Tavern Table for perfectly matched never ending drinking animations!

What’s a party without accessorizing?!

[ free bird ] Blooming Headband Gacha AdFully scripted to bloom over time! Watch as they go from bud to blossom in a half hour! 16 to win, 4 Rares! 50L a play!

[ free bird ] Viking Shield Earrings AdViking Shield Earrings, for true Nordic Style! Original mesh, hand painted. Pair with any outfit for a splash of Northern fun! 10 to win, 3 Rares. 50L a play!

Plus so many more fantasy themed goodies available from [ free bird ]. Complete your collection today!



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