A Complete Guide to [ free bird ]’s Sale at The Thrift Shop

Here is the everything you need to know about [ free bird ]’s sales and releases at The Thrift Shop 6.0.


Firefly Jar Neon Sign – New Release!

Lightning Bug Jar Neon Sign Ad V2 New Release!! Original Mesh! 1-2 LI. Retintable and resizeable for a custom look! Firefly Lights flash on and off. 125L.

The Dakota Crop Top

[ free bird ] Dakota Crop Top Ad 125L 60L. Four colors to choose from.

The Sunday Tank

[ free bird ] The Sunday Tank Ad 125L 60L. Five colors to choose from.

 The Boho Jacket

[ free bird ] boho jacket 250L125L. Three colors to choose from.

 The Geo B&W Skirt

[ free bird ] Geo Skirt Ad 150L75L.

 Tibetian Prayer Flags

 [ free bird ] Four Dignities Tibetian Prayer Flags Ad 150L, 75L.


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