[ free bird ] Wants to Do Bad Things With You!

The Co-Op Presents - Bon Temps Sept 7Presenting The Co-Op’s September Event, Bon Temps, inspired by True Blood! Not only are there incredible exclusive releases from some of my favorite designers, but the build is absolutely out of this world! 

[ free bird ] is exploring our darker side with three brand new releases just for the event!

[ free bird ] Neon Signs - True Blood Edition Ad The Neon Sign Gacha – True Blood Edition! Light up your wall with this collection of True Blood inspired designs! Original mesh. Re-Tint to any color to fit any decor! 7 to win, 2 Rares. 50L a play.

[ free bird ] Dia De Los Muertos Bookshelf Ad The Dia De Los Muertos Bookshelves. Bride and Groom version available. Original mesh. Hand painted. The perfect centerpiece for any room. 150L.

[ free bird ] Fangtasia Paper Towel Dispenser Gacha Ad The Fangtasia Paper Towel Dispenser Gacha. For the die-hard True Blood fan. Original Mesh. All the grunge, rust and blood a bathroom needs. 6 to win, 1 Rare. 50L a play.

Come bite them before they bite you! Now at Bon Temps: 



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