So Many New Things on the Ides of March!

We’re so excited to kick off three events today: Serafilms, The Spring Wishes Market, and Havendale Market!

New today @ Round 1 of Serafilms!

[ free bird ] Moulin Rouge SwingCustom Animation and Pose Burlesque Swing! Perfect for any Burlesque themed picture or club! Be your own Satine! And don’t forget to grab a top hap out of our gacha…[ free bird ] Moulin Rouge Top Hat Gacha Sign

Get the complete set today!

Looking for something on the lighter side? Check out our brand new Painted Porcelain Floral Earring Gacha! Only 50L  a play! Collect them all just in time for spring! At the Spring Wishes Market Opening today![ free bird ] Painted Porcelain Floral Earrings Gacha Sign

And last but not least — a sale on our Winter Wellington Boots and a brand new TD/Kid sized line!! Only 50L  pair all week long! Only at the Havendale Market opening today!


That rounds up the Ides of March! Don’t forget to check out the [ free bird ] main store for tons of group gifts, new prizes and more!



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