We’ve Been Busy!! Check Out October at [ free bird ]!

October’s been a busy month! We’ve got tons of new merchandise all over the grid — both in our main store, and in a number of awesome events going on now! Check us out currently at Cherry Hill Haunted Mines, The Boho Culture Fair, The Bitacora Travel Fair, Firefly Hollow’s Monthly Color Market, Style Me Kids, The Woodland Gatchas Event, Dream Garden, Horrorfest and The Mieville Midway Halloween Expo! Plus, we’ve got an awesome prize as part of the Madpea Dark Dimension hunt, and have even more new hunt prizes up for grabs at our main store!

And what would Halloween be without candy? Get free candy every two hours at our Halloween Events and our main location — all part of [ free bird ] interactives!

We’re also excited to be a brand new part of 50L Friday Kids AND Lazy Sunday! Our first round of items is now available at our main store! Check them out below!

[ free bird ] Striped Pink Flats

[ free bird ] Striped Purple Flats

[ free bird ] Striped Blue FlatsFlats: 75L! Hoodies 120L! Available now at our main store!

[ free bird ] Paint Splatter Camo TD HoodieHoodie 120L at main store!

[ free bird ] Deady Bear Hoodie Ad

Skully Hoodie AdHoodies 120L at main store and Halloween events!

We wish you a healthy, happy and haunted month of October! Celebrate the season with us, at [ free bird ]!!!

❤ Cortez


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