Another round of the [ free bird ] Free – for – All Giveaway! Beauty and the Beast Canvases!

[ free bird ] Beauty & The Beast Edition Free-For-All Ad  Love is in the air with a brand new round of the [ free bird ] Free-for-All Giveaway! We’ve got another great group gift in store for you — the [ free bird ] Beauty and the Beast Canvas Collection! One per avatar all week long for all our beloved Group Members! Absolutely free!! Or, play the gacha to collect them all! At the [ free bird ] Main Store! Now through 9/28!

Brand New Hunt Prizes for the Middle of September!

Two new mid-month hunts have just begun at [ free bird ]!

[ free bird ] The Neighbor SweaterNew at [ free bird ] for The Manga Hunt — The [ free bird ] Neighbor Sweater! In honor of one of our favorite Manga characters! Only 1L. Warm up your Fall with [ free bird ]. Just look for the Mini Manga Hunt Poster.

Hint: Parrots make great pets

[ free bird ] UK Flag Nails AdWe’re loving all things England for the Spice up Your Life Hunt! Get your [ free bird ] UK Flag Slink Nails now at the [ free bird ] main store for only 2L! Just look for the Star!

Hint: Group gifts for everyone!

[ free bird ] Free-for-All! Zodiac Neon Sign Group Gift!

[ free bird ] Zodiac Neon Sign Free For All Ad Celebrate the Zodiac with the brand new [ free bird ] Free-for-All Giveaway! We’ve got another great group gift in store for you — Zodiac Neon Signs! One per avatar all week long, only for group members! Or, play the gacha to collect them all! Now, at the [ free bird ] Main Store!

zodiac free for all

A Complete Guide to [ free bird ]‘s Sale at The Thrift Shop

Here is the everything you need to know about [ free bird ]‘s sales and releases at The Thrift Shop 6.0.

Firefly Jar Neon Sign – New Release!

Lightning Bug Jar Neon Sign Ad V2 New Release!! Original Mesh! 1-2 LI. Retintable and resizeable for a custom look! Firefly Lights flash on and off. 125L.

The Dakota Crop Top

[ free bird ] Dakota Crop Top Ad 125L 60L. Four colors to choose from.

The Sunday Tank

[ free bird ] The Sunday Tank Ad 125L 60L. Five colors to choose from.

 The Boho Jacket

[ free bird ] boho jacket 250L125L. Three colors to choose from.

 The Geo B&W Skirt

[ free bird ] Geo Skirt Ad 150L75L.

 Tibetian Prayer Flags

 [ free bird ] Four Dignities Tibetian Prayer Flags Ad 150L, 75L.

[ free bird ] Wants to Do Bad Things With You!

The Co-Op Presents - Bon Temps Sept 7Presenting The Co-Op’s September Event, Bon Temps, inspired by True Blood! Not only are there incredible exclusive releases from some of my favorite designers, but the build is absolutely out of this world! 

[ free bird ] is exploring our darker side with three brand new releases just for the event!

[ free bird ] Neon Signs - True Blood Edition Ad The Neon Sign Gacha – True Blood Edition! Light up your wall with this collection of True Blood inspired designs! Original mesh. Re-Tint to any color to fit any decor! 7 to win, 2 Rares. 50L a play.

[ free bird ] Dia De Los Muertos Bookshelf Ad The Dia De Los Muertos Bookshelves. Bride and Groom version available. Original mesh. Hand painted. The perfect centerpiece for any room. 150L.

[ free bird ] Fangtasia Paper Towel Dispenser Gacha Ad The Fangtasia Paper Towel Dispenser Gacha. For the die-hard True Blood fan. Original Mesh. All the grunge, rust and blood a bathroom needs. 6 to win, 1 Rare. 50L a play.

Come bite them before they bite you! Now at Bon Temps:

Everything is Royal for the First Round of [ free bird ]‘s September Hunt Prizes!

Pink seems to be the theme for the start of September. Get these two new hunt prizes now at the [ free bird ] main store!

[ free bird ] Princess Glitter Nails Ad Now for The Enhance My Avatar Hunt! [ free bird ] Princess Glitter Nails! Sparkle in style! Only 5L. Just look for the Butterfly. Hint: Everyone needs a pet Cockatoo!

[ free bird ] Inside Every Woman Canvas Ad - Group Gift Now for the Royalty Hunt! Only 1L! Just look for the crown. Hint: Every Princess needs a birdbath for the Royal Garden!

[ free bird ] My Pet Finch Park Bench now at Fit for a Princess September Round!

[ free bird ] My Pet Birds - Park Bench Edition AdIntroducing the [ free bird ] My Pet Finch Park Bench System now at Fit for a Princess! Sit back, relax, and feed the birds in style! Customize your bench with any of our My Pet Finches, including the newest gacha! 6 to win plus 1 Rare and 2 Rare Princess Benches! (standard bench sold separately).

[ free bird ] My Pet Birds - Basic Park Bench Ad

[ free bird ] My Pet Birds System - Park Bench Info