[ free bird ] Free -for- All Special 24 Hour Mystery Encore!

[ free bird ] Free-for-all Encore Prize

We’re not done yet!

For our dedicated group members, we have a one-day Encore give-away!  Follow the hint below to find a very special Mystery Encore Gift, hidden in the main [ free bird ] store! Just look for the [ free bird logo ].

This special gift is Limited Edition, One-Per-Avatar and will only be available until Midnight! 

Happy Hunting <3


Today I will be as happy as a bird with a french fry.


Hats and Headbands and Headbands and Hats!

Introducing our newest release for the Acorn Hat Hunt:

[ free bird ] Acorn Beret AdOriginal Mesh, for male and female avatars! Only 1L! Just look for the green acorn. Hint: We want to see your mugshot.

Today is also the last day to get your FREE Halloween Headband for the [ free bird ] Free -for- All Giveaway! Origial Mesh! Some scripted to flash! One free to all [ free bird ] Group Members! Or play the gacha to collect them all.

[ free bird ] Halloween Headband Free-For-All Ad


The Halloween Goodies Don’t Stop!

The Halloween fun has only begun at [ free bird ]! Get ready for one of the best days of the year with some more spooky gifts — all FREE!

[ free bird ] Monsters Canvas Wall Art AdFREE Group Gift! Just click the sign on the Group Gift Wall!

[ free bird ] Ghost Nails Ad New for The Boo Bunny Hunt! Absolutely FREE! Just look for the piece of candy. Hint: There is a skeleton in the bookshelf!



[ free bird ] Halloween Ghost Neon Sign AdWe put this mesh neon sign up as a FREE GIFT in The Magical Maze on the Deadwood sim!


Fall is in the Air at [ free bird ]

[ free bird ] Fall Acorn Decor New from [ free bird ] for The Swarm of Decor Hunt. The [ free bird ] Fall Acorn Wall Decor! Original Mesh, hand carved wood! Bring the season home with [ free bird ]. Just look for the acorn! Only 5L! Now at the [ free bird ] Main Store!

Hint: Everyone needs an Element Canvas for their wall.


GRAND OPENING — [ free bird ] for Kids at Sky High!!

[ free bird ] for kids logo transI am very excited to announce the opening of the brand new [ free bird ] for Kids Store right next to the [ free bird ] Main Store on Sky High! Come check out our Toddleedoo clothes and accessories, including tons of Halloween Group Gifts for TD Avis!


New [ free bird ] Free -for- All Giveaway! Halloween Headbands!

[ free bird ] Halloween Headband Free-For-All AdIntroducing a BRAND NEW [ free bird ] Free-for-All Giveaway! Show off your Halloween Style with the [ free bird ] Halloween Headband Collection! Original Mesh! Some scripted to flash! 5 to win, 1 Rare. One per Avatar all week long! Free to all [ free bird ] Group Members! Or, play the gacha to collect them all!


Everyone is a Diva at Heart!

The Bling Hunt runs through the end of the month and I couldn’t be more excited about [ free bird ]‘s Prize!

[ free bird ] Diva Neon Sign AdOriginal Mesh! Retint and modify to fit any room! Only 1 Linden! Just look for the crown.

Hint: Everyone wants to be a Princess. The Scroll proves it!