Special Hidden Trick-or-Treat Gift @ Port Blackpool!

[ free bird ] Hidden Trick or Treat Gift Oct 31

[ free bird ] Trick or Treat! The Haunting of Port Blackpool…..

[ free bird ] Haunting of Port Blackpool SignIt’s not Halloween without some good old fashioned Trick or Treating. Join [ free bird ] now through October 31st for one of the most exciting Trick or Treats on the grid! We’ve got 45 BRAND NEW PRIZES waiting for you in the haunted town of Port Blackpool!

Here’s how it works: Once a day, find your way through Port Blackpool and see what the pirates have in store! 9 Doors to knock on, with prizes given out randomly as in a gacha! Maybe you’ll be lucky and take home all the Rares!

What to win:

[ free bird ] Pirate Edition Mugshot Gacha Ad

[ free bird ] Halloween Poster Collection Ad

[ free bird ] Nails - Jack-O-Lantern Set Ad

[ free bird ] Halloween Painted Pallet Decor Ad

[ free bird ] Fall Picture Decor Collection Ad

[ free bird ] Squirrel Acorn Windchimes Ad

[ free bird ] Men's Halloween T-Shirt Collection Ad

[ free bird ] Women's Halloween T-Shirt Collection Ad

[ free bird ] TD Halloween T-Shirt Collection Ad

So much to win all through Halloween!


Dirty Little Secrets

The Dirty Little Secrets Hunt has begun and I’m very excited to share the [ free bird ] prize with you!

[ free bird ] Slat LipsOriginal Mesh, hand painted, 3-d wall decor! Add a little edge to any room. Only 1L. Just look for the key.

Hint: What’s your Zodiac Sign?


[ free bird ] Free -for- All Special 24 Hour Mystery Encore!

[ free bird ] Free-for-all Encore Prize

We’re not done yet!

For our dedicated group members, we have a one-day Encore give-away!  Follow the hint below to find a very special Mystery Encore Gift, hidden in the main [ free bird ] store! Just look for the [ free bird logo ].

This special gift is Limited Edition, One-Per-Avatar and will only be available until Midnight! 

Happy Hunting <3


Today I will be as happy as a bird with a french fry.


Hats and Headbands and Headbands and Hats!

Introducing our newest release for the Acorn Hat Hunt:

[ free bird ] Acorn Beret AdOriginal Mesh, for male and female avatars! Only 1L! Just look for the green acorn. Hint: We want to see your mugshot.

Today is also the last day to get your FREE Halloween Headband for the [ free bird ] Free -for- All Giveaway! Origial Mesh! Some scripted to flash! One free to all [ free bird ] Group Members! Or play the gacha to collect them all.

[ free bird ] Halloween Headband Free-For-All Ad


The Halloween Goodies Don’t Stop!

The Halloween fun has only begun at [ free bird ]! Get ready for one of the best days of the year with some more spooky gifts — all FREE!

[ free bird ] Monsters Canvas Wall Art AdFREE Group Gift! Just click the sign on the Group Gift Wall!

[ free bird ] Ghost Nails Ad New for The Boo Bunny Hunt! Absolutely FREE! Just look for the piece of candy. Hint: There is a skeleton in the bookshelf!



[ free bird ] Halloween Ghost Neon Sign AdWe put this mesh neon sign up as a FREE GIFT in The Magical Maze on the Deadwood sim!


Fall is in the Air at [ free bird ]

[ free bird ] Fall Acorn Decor New from [ free bird ] for The Swarm of Decor Hunt. The [ free bird ] Fall Acorn Wall Decor! Original Mesh, hand carved wood! Bring the season home with [ free bird ]. Just look for the acorn! Only 5L! Now at the [ free bird ] Main Store!

Hint: Everyone needs an Element Canvas for their wall.