Surprise! The [ free bird ] In Store Thanksgiving Hunt!

[ free bird ] Thanksgiving HuntJust look for the pumpkins at the [ free bird ] main store to collect your complete set of brand new [ free bird ] Thanksgiving Yard Decor! The original mesh collection is only available at the [ free bird ] In Store Thanksgiving Hunt November 20th – 23rd. Absolutely Free! Prizes are available once per day.


1. Gather round your Thanksgiving table like Hummingbirds around a feeder.

2. Pumpkin pie is so delicious, you’ll want to frame it and hang it on your wall.

3. Enjoy some fine wine on Thanksgiving!

4. Even the Pilgrims had kitties.

5. Be thankful for earmuffs when it’s chilly outside!

6. I bet Vikings were thankful for their shields…

7. Finches are grateful for their special Fall Cage.

Introducing the [ free bird ] Animated Hummingbird Feeder!

Introducing the newest addition to the [ free bird ] Bird Collection Family!

[ free bird ] Animated Hummingbird Feeder AdAnimated Hummingbirds! Original, Animated Mesh! 75L a play for the full Feeder Set! Each Feeder comes paired with 6 birds! Just Rez to see them in action — no feeding or care necessary! 5 to win, 1 Rare! No garden is complete without them!

Check out the video to see them in action, or visit the main store!

Limited Edition RARE Fall Cage Now through November 30th!

[ free bird ] My Pet Birds - Fall Cage Edition AdPresenting a Limited Edition Addition to our My Pet Bird Collection! Now through Nov 30th, play the [ free bird ] My Pet Bird Fall Cage Gacha for a chance to win this very special cage for all your [ free bird ] finches! I’ve paired it with our My Pet Bird- Garden Finches, because I think the color combos are awesome, but the cage works with ANY of our Finches! 7 to win, 1 Rare Pink Finch and the Rare Limited Edition Cage. 50L a play!

Get High with [ free bird ] at The Thrift Shop!

In honor of the midterm elections bringing us in the US closer to the legalization of marijuana in Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C., I’ve decided to celebrate with a weed-themed [ free bird ] presence at this round of The Thrift Shop!

[ free bird ] Need Money for Weed SignNow at The Thrift Shop for 75L (150L in the main store). Includes Male and Female versions. Custom Sit Pose. Wear anywhere!

All of the [ free bird ] Original Mesh Stoner Poster Collection is only 25L each at The Thrift Shop! Plus check out our new weed themed hoodies for men — only 75L each!

[ free bird ] Presents Down the Rabbit Hole November 9th – 17th

[ free bird ] Presents Down the Rabbit Hole November 9 - 17 Join us for a very special [ free bird ] event! Win your very own [ free bird ] Wonderland Collector’s Edition Prizes twice a day now through November 17th! Everything is BRAND NEW for this event and ABSOLUTELY FREE for [ free bird ] Group Members! Learn more when you TP in!


[ free bird ] Flamingo Croquet Set AdOriginal Mesh! 5 Mallets to win, 1 Rare plus the Rare Croquet Stand with Balls! Collect all of the Mallets and fit them into their stand for the true Collector’s Set!

[ free bird ] Wonderland Spoon Collection AdOriginal Mesh! 5 Spoons to win, 1 Rare plus 1 Rare Display Case! Collect all the spoons and fit them into the case for a true Collector’s set to hang on your wall!

[ free bird ] Wonderland Collection Wall Art AdOriginal Mesh! Wonderland framed wall art! 5 to win, 1 Rare! Collect them all!

Don’t miss the fun! Down the Rabbit Hole is right across from the [ free bird ] Main Store! Get started on your collections today.

[ free bird ] Alphabet Trade-o-Rama Free-for-All Encore!

[ free bird ] Free-for-all Encore Prize

For our dedicated group members, we have a one-day Encore give-away!  Follow the hint below to find a very special Mystery Encore Gift, hidden in the main [ free bird ] store! Just look for the [ free bird logo ].

This special gift is Limited Edition, One-Per-Avatar and will only be available until Midnight! 

Happy Hunting <3


I want to do bad things with you.

[ free bird ] at the ASPCA Benefit Cirque de Seraphim

[ free bird ] is excited to be a part of Seraphim’s ASPCA Benefit going on Now!  Get your Circus Seal Animated Neon Sign to help support the ASPCA!

[ free bird ] Circus Seal Animated Neon Sign AdOriginal Mesh. Ball is animated! Resize to fit any wall! Seal retints to any color you like. 150L. 50% of proceeds go to the ASPCA.